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Phree Phone Software

I recently spent some time playing with Asterisk a phone system for VOIP or more precisely a VOIP PBX.  To find a suitable client I ended up using 3cx software phone that is available free for a number of platforms.

When I tried the setup at home, my daughter installed 3cx phone on her Ipod, my son had it on his android smartphone and I installed it on a windows xp laptop.  Not that I really plan on calling them on the phone to get them down to tea!

Later discovered 3cx provide a free PBX that goes with it that runs on Windows 7, Server 2008 and such.

Have successfully configured that so it will allow extensions to dial in from outside the LAN too. Stopped short of setting up a commercial account that would give the ability to connect to the public network. Watch this space for more on VOIP